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Local-MoversMany people who have decided to move locally, should always do it, in an organized fashion. Taking into consideration, all the necessary tasks, such as creating a comprehensive inventory, of all possessions in the home, canceling services and obtaining quotes from full service movers, is absolutely imperative. Also, enlisting the help of muscular friends for all the heavy lifting and allocating the appropriate amount of time and money for best results, is the key to total success. This itemized list, should be divided into two main sections, that should have a numbered list of things to do per each and if possible, choosing specific days of the week to handle certain things together, such as appliances, or shutting off services.

The first segment should strictly deal with handling belongings. The second segment focuses on contacting various companies to shut off services or transfer accounts or policies to the new address. In the first section, most possessions should be packaged with padding material, carefully boxed up and placed in an area of the home, that is very accessible to the professional movers, such as the garage. Unused clothing, toys and books should be donated to local charitable organizations. This would not only help a deserving family, that is struggling, during these difficult economic times, but also greatly reduce the amount of boxes to be moved and free up valuable space at your new home.

Old functioning equipment, such as a secondary lawnmower, bicycles and unneeded tools, that are just cluttering up the garage or basement, should be sold as scrap metal, given to a friend or thrown out. Old broken down furniture in the basement should also be thrown out. Contacting the moving company and requesting supplies to aid in the safe lifting of heavy objects, as well as helpful tips, on how to securely pack fragile items, to make them ready for transport, will make the entire process, a whole lot easier to deal with. Local movers, will make available, specific boxes that professionals use, that are normally reinforced, to keep valuables safe, while in transit. Making inquiries, with regards to affordable moving storage options, could also help with temporarily, locating some items in a secure, temperature controlled facility, with twenty four video camera surveillance.

The second segment consists of contacting the utility companies and requesting for the electric, water, heat and telephone services to be shutoff at your current location by a certain date and setting up an appointment to turn them on, at your new home. Additionally, consumers should fill out a change of address card with the Post Office, credit card companies, banks, medical or auto insurance carriers and an IRS 8822 change of address form. The above companies, as well as the government, offer online tools to make the necessary address changes and can also be contacted by phone. Creating backups on the computer of all sensitive data, locating all identifying documents, such as license, passport, birth certificate, social security card, as well as any available duplicates of the above items and keeping them in one place, is critical. Other important paperwork, such as stock certificates, life insurance policies, bank statements, special award or promotion certificates must also be kept in a safe area and IRS form 3903 should also be filled out, in order to deduct all moving expenses.

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