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Car Shipping - Closed Vs Open Trailer Transport

When moving to a faraway place, such as one that is two to three states or cities away, it is almost impossible to go and take your cars and vehicles along with you. After all, even if it is possible, the costs would simply just make you cringe, and given that saving money is important these days, it is best to just go and choose a transport service so as to transport your car to your new resident. Though, fact is, when choosing an auto transport service, one is given a choice between choosing a close or open trailer type of transport, each of which are good ways of transportation, having their own benefits and disadvantages.

For one, car shipping through a closed trailer means that your car will likely be shipped with dozens of other cars, and in an open trailer truck. If you have seen trucks moving around in the open road with a lot of cars being carried by their trailer, then, your car will definitely be one of those. It is a cheaper means of transportation and would not likely cost you a lot of money, the only problem is that your car is exposed to all kinds of harsh elements such as dust, dirt, grime, rocks, weather, heat and so on and so forth. This is not to say that your car will be damaged, but, there is a possibility that it will be and the auto shipping services will by no means, be the one held responsible for that.

A closed shipping auto transport service on the other hand means that your car will either be shipped in a closed trailer along with one or two cars, and in some cases, it will be shipped alone. It is significantly more expensive than opting for a closed trailer transport, often amounting to about three to four times the cost of an open trailer transport. Though, the safety of your car is ensured and it is the best choice if you are moving a car that you really want to take care of, such as expensive luxury cars for one.

In the end, choosing between a closed and open auto shipping trailer depends upon your preferences and what you can afford, and besides, in terms of time taken for transportation, there is not really much difference and both arrive at the same times anyway

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